to my dearest friends…

To Law:
Happy 30th Birthday, old man =P

To Jiayan:
Happy 24th Birthday, dear friend =)
Stay beautiful and happy always!
*tugs ponytail*


I was pretty surprised to receive Law’s call, after messaging him “Happy Birthday” last night. It felt strange, yet awfully good… because i no longer bear any hatred towards him and truly hope that we could be good friends, even after all we have been and put each other through.

And it felt good reminiscing past memories with Yao, while on msn.


To me, it’s impossible to stay enemies with those you have once loved or fallen in love with.

As for friends, that’s a different story.

I’d trust them totally, till they proved they are unworthy, by betraying my trust through lying or backstabbing me in front of others. Which some people have jolly well do so and still put up a nonchalant front or pushing the blame on me.

That irks me.


Someone asked if i knew someone close to her… Yes i do but never did liked her, for she had done utterly despicable things while i knew her. Which is the same person whom i hope to give a second chance to.

Lies said, feelings hurt.

Leopards could never change its spots.
Needless to say, bitches like her could never change too…

Oh well… *shrugs*