I’m currently doing parallel blogging, as i’ve ads from nuffnang that would only end this weekend.


The new site is finally up and running… =)

If you read my previous posts, I’ve ‘pondered’ on getting my own web hosting and domain… especially having so many friends with their own sites and I’ve been yearning to trouble myself with hosting & cpanel.

For some strange reason, the .com domain i wanted had been registered by a PRC logistics company and .net or .org didn’t seem right to me, so i settled for a simple .sg domain by Cybersite, at SGD$39 a year.

Pretty cheap for a .sg domain, compared to other sites which are selling at SGD$60+++.
The only troublesome part, I would need to email them to change my domain dns settings.

Next was picking a good web host…
I thought of hosting my site with a local hosting company but most just can’t match up to the US hosting, be it pricing or web space…

In the end, I’m hosting with Eventra Solutions (local company), which gave me quite a deal and help for my site, from DNS settings, FTP help to webmail settings.

Within 48 hours, I’ve gotten everything up and running.

Due to my lack of sleep and laziness, I’m using a generic template, Autumn, found on WordPress template, till i find the time and strength to design my own template… and after I’ve helped Dad set up his company website :)

I’m wondering, should i still go get that unique .com domain?
‘Cos piggy is quite sure no one would register that.



And not forgetting…
Thanks to FoxTwo and Xizor, for some DNS help :D